Season for plum juice!! 梅ジュース

Finally, it's time for Nanko-ume, very tasty and special Japanese plums picked and sent from Wakayama prefecture!  Only around this season, we can find the plums lined up at the storefront of greengrocers.


Every year in this season, we make Ume-shu, Japanese plum wine from the Nanko-ume, rock sugar and white liquor.  This year, we are also making plum juice, which is really good for hot summer season, from the Nanko-ume, rock sugar and vinegar as you can see in the picture.


When you come visit us, you can enjoy either home-made plum juice or plum wine this year, both of which are very good for your health especially during hot and humid seasons.  Please check it out at Mayumi's kitchen!