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Travel information · 30. April 2023
Visited the Kamaboko Museum in Odawara, and participated in a workshop where you can make kamaboko and chikuwa (fish cakes). You can take home the kamaboko and chikuwa you made. You can also eat freshly baked chikuwa (which is very rare occasion). While baking and steaming, visitors can learn about the process of making kamaboko, the types of fish used to make it, its history, and more. This is a recommended place for both adults and children to enjoy! We support out guests making resevation...
Travel information · 28. April 2023
Organized a food tour to Taiwan!! We spent the first half of the trip eating our way around together. After my friends leaving to Japan, I stayed in Taiwan to stock up on ingredients for our cooking class, mayumi's kitchen tokyo! 台湾食い倒れツアーを催行。前半は一緒にあちこち食べ歩き、後半は1人残って料理教室で使う食材やお茶、食器などの調達をしてきました!