Mayumi's Kitchen Owner 

Food safety supervisor (食品衛生責任者)

Herbal Dishes Instructor of Traditional Chinese Medicine(中医薬膳指導員)

Completion of the Japanese Cuisine Course at Tsuji Culinary Institure(辻調理師専門学校別科日本料理技術講座修了)

Dashi Sommelier(だしソムリエ)

Hakko Bunkajin (発酵文化人)

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Certified Lego(R) Serious Play(R) Facilitator






It was in 1991 when I first traveled abroad, namely New York and Los Angeles.  It was so fascinating to encounter the food, culture and people there, which I believe was the original experience that affected my style of behavior and values when  exploring the world.


Having graduated from college, I started working in the financial industry as a fund manager and analyst, while visiting different countries and areas on most of my holidays.  The greatest pleasure of those trips has always been encountering delicious food and wonderful people there.  I tried various restaurants and street shops, and also participated in local cooking classes during my trips.  At the same time, in Japan, I have attended at varieties of cooking classes, i.e., authentic Japanese, Yakuzen, raw food, etc. and came to think of holding a place to offer Japanese cooking classes to those who come to Tokyo. 


Currently I offer private cooking classes and workshops/seminars of various kinds, while also working as a personal life coach and consultant for company executives who want to achieve specific personal or professional goals.   I am hoping to provide my clients with a good guidance and opportunities to fulfill their lives.