Season for mulberry jam and wine!! 桑の実ジャムと桑の実酒

We went to Kai city in Yamanashi prefecture, which is about 2 hours' train ride from Shinjuku station, in order to join in the annual mulberry seed picking event.


According to traditional Chinese medication, mulberry has long been considered to be very good and important to make up for your blood, as it contains anthocyanin, various vitamins and menerals.


We picked more than 2 kilo grams of mulberry (of course while enjoying tasting!) and made them into jam and wine. 


Near the mulberry firm, there are also some wineries.  We visited Chateraise's Belle foret winery and tried their wines (made of grapes as well as peach!) .


As for mulberry wine, you can try it at Mayumi's kitchen.  So why don't you come visit us?