Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe 手作りフォカッチャ

We made focaccia bread with green olives. 

Very simple but so delicious that I ate them up before taking pictures... 

That is why today's picture is something more like halfway through : )


Anyway, here is the recipe.


Bread flour★ 200g

Dry yeast★ 3g

Sugar★ 1g

Salt★ 1g

Lukewarm water★ 110~120cc

Olive oil 1 Table spoon (15cc)

Rock salt

Green olive


(1)Mix ★ in a bowl for about 5 minutes

(2)Add olive oil to (1)and knead dought for another 5 minutes

(3)Place the dough in large bowl, cover and let it rise till double in size about 1 hour*

(4)Cut the dough in half and make them in oval shape with many holes

(5)Add green olives and rock salt on top

(6)Bake them in oven at 190°C for about 15 minutes


*Rising time will depend on temperature of room.