Our favorite dried bonito shaver お気に入りの鰹節削り器

The beautiful wooden box is a dried bonito shaver, which I bought from Daiya in Niigata prefecture several years ago. 

It is equipped with a plane-like blade on top and is used to get find shavings of dried bonito by sliding the bonito away from yourself. 


Dried bonito (鰹節 or "Katsuo bushi")  is made from bonito fish.  It becomes very solid and wood-like looking after all the processes of being dried, fermented, and smoked.  It contains a large amount of inosic acid (one kind of amino acids; the source of good taste and flavor!) .  We use the dried bonito to prepare golden broth (出汁 or "Dashi"), which can be used as a base for most Japanese cookings. 


During our cooking lesson, we offer you a special opportunity to shave dried bonito, taste the fresh shavings, as well as to know the differences from other major broth ingredients.  It will be a fun and valuable experience; so why don't you come and join our class?