Making miso (Soybean paste) 味噌作り

From time to time, we make white miso or shiro miso (白味噌) at home. 


Miso is a fermented food made from soybeans, malt (fermentation starter) and salt.  It is one of the major seasoning including soy sauce, and is often used in Japanese cuisine such as miso soup.  There are many types of miso and they taste different from region to region.


Shiro miso is famous in Kyoto and Osaka area.  It contains salt at low concentration and is sweeter thanks to molt or koji (麹) at higher concentration.   It can become ready to eat after one month or so, while other types of miso such as aka (red) miso and light-color miso need more time for full fermentation.

Home-made miso is really tasty and full of good nutrients with amino acids and vitamins which are produced through the fermentation.  


Now we are preparing a cooking class for miso making; a small lecture about miso and how to make it, hands-on preparation of shiro miso and cooking some dishes using shirio miso※.  


If you are interested in learning about miso, please contact us.  We love to cook together with you!!


※Shiro miso requires one month fermentation;  therefore, we will use shiro miso which has been already fermented.  The one you make during the class can be taken away with you if your can bring it back to your country (please check quarantine status of your contry by yourselves).