Held Japanese cooking classes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (オランダで日本料理教室を開催)

We held cooking classes of Japanese cuisine in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, thanks to my lifetime friend, Danielle.  We cooked,  ate, drank, talked and laughed so so so much 💕  Every moment was just precious, valuable, and so memorable.  Now everyone can cook the recipe at home and enjoy the dishes together with their families and friends. ... and hopefully we can see each other again in Tokyo someday in the future!


In the classroom, we started with the explanation about Japanese soup stock (broth) .  Then we cooked 5 dishes including desserts.  We tried to make them with traditional methods using locally available ingredients.  Everyone actively participated in the cooking process and asked us many quetions.  There were many new findings and discoveries for us as well.


Since it was the first time for us to hold cooking classes in the Netherlands, it took some time to procure necessary ingredients, adjust original recipes, check equipment, etc. beforehand.  Through these experiences, we learnt how people in the Netherlands consider of Japanese foods and their tastings. 


We also checked tastes of the Dutch savory and found that Haring (salted herring eaten with onions) would taste absolutely compatible with vinegared rice for sure!  So we improvized "Haring Sushi" and offered it to our guests as "Today's appetizer".  Everyone just loved it and ate it all.  We were so happy to see the empty dish plate ☺


We countinue offering our cooking classes both at home and at our clients' kitchens.  Please contact us if you get interested in learning how to make  Japanese dishes either in English or in Japanese.