Yellowtail teriyaki (ブリの照り焼き)

We welcomed a wonderful guest from Australia yesterday as his third visit to mayumi's kitchen.  He used to work as a chef before his retirement; so it is always our great pleasure to share cooking experiences with him.  His deep interests in fermented foods (such as miso, koji, etc.) led us to make vegetables pickled in fermented rice bran this time.  We enjoyed spending time together, thanks to Terrence-san!!


The last picture was taken in front of a restaurant named "Uosada" which appreared in Terrence-san's favorite drama called "Wakako zake" as a restaurant called "Horaku 逢楽"💕

If you are interested in learning Japanese cuisine or just in experiencing how Japanese cook and enjoy dishes at home, please feel free to contact us anytime at mayumi's kitchen.