Banana cake with Calpis Butter (カルピスバターを使ったバナナケーキ)

Luckily, we were able to purchase a rare Calpis Butter (unsalted), so we decided to bake a banana cake.


Calpis (or Calpico) is kind of a yogurt-like drink with lactic acid in it.  The manufacturer makes butter with by-products of Calpis; so the butter is called Calpis Butter, which is extreamly, dangerously delicious!!!!!


We couldn't find ripe bananas this time, so cooked them in a microwave, which increased the sweetness and softness (the blackened bananas did not mean they were damaged; they were just cooked!).  


Good things about baking a banana cake. 

The sweet and delicious scent spreads throughout a room, making you feel happy and hungry (^^). 
The texture is crispy outside and soft inside, and it will also change when you eat it hot or cold.