【Online Class】Sesame tofu (ごま豆腐)

We cooked sesame tofu (ごま豆腐), steamed rice with sea bream (鯛ご飯), and shrimp ball in clear soup (海老真薯のおすまし) for today's online class.  The sea bream was pretty big; so we also prepared sashimi dipped in sesame sauce and egg yolk sauce.  


Sesame tofu is one of traditional vegetarian diet in Japan called Shojin ryori.  It's made of sesame, kudzu starch (made of kudzu roots), and salt only.  In order to eat the genuine sesame tofu, you will need to go to special places that offer Shojin-ryori or fancy & pricy traditional Japanese restaurants.  If you have tried it before, and if you liked it, why don't you try cooking sesame tofu with us at mayumi's kitchen?