Miso making class (味噌教室)

Miso making class from scratch - using only soybean, salt, and koji (malted rice, 米麹) .   No additives ☺

During the class, we prepared miso (white and sweet type this time) and golden dashi (soup stock made of kelp and dried bonito fish); then, learned how to apply those to Japanese traditional ways of cooking. 

Today, we cooked grilled salmon marinated in sake lees and miso (秋鮭の粕味噌焼き), Japanese-style fluffy omelet (出汁巻き玉子), savory steamed egg custard (玉子豆腐), miso soup (味噌汁).  We also enjoyed Tukudani of kelp already used for soup stock and recycled (preservable kep boiled down in soy sauce and other ingredients).  


After the class, the guests went back home with their newly prepared miso (2 kg per guest!), which will be ready to eat after one month or so.  Hope they'll enjoy the maturing period from now 💕