【Online class】Cooking a whole fish (お魚を一匹丸々おろす)

We had an online cooking class today and cooked a whole yellowtail fish (inada).   Scaled/cleaned/fillet and finally made 3 dishes, namely deep fried fish, steamed rice with fish, and fish ball soup as shown in the top picture.  We also made an egg tofu, the yellow box-shaped one in the same picture. 


The fish was about 53 cm long and there was quite a big leftover; therefore, we continued cooking after the class... sashimi, congee, fish balls with sweet and sour sauce, grilled fish, miso soup...etc.  If you get interested in learning how to cook a whole fish, why don't you send your message to us here at mayumi's kitchen?

Details on online class is here.  Please check the link and send us an inquiry if any (^_^)/