White Miso making class!! (白味噌教室)

We held a shiro-miso (white sweet miso) making class today and cooked a variety of dishes using shiro-miso together.

The class is really recommended for those who know a lot about Japan, as you can enjoy not only cooking but also making your own miso. Today's guest is a repeater to our cooking class and she knows well about Japan, so I am so glad to know that she found the miso class fun and interesting.

There was time for an in-depth discussion of the history and characteristics of miso, as well as time for tasting various kinds of miso. And since it was March, I also prepared a menu using udo, a kind of wild plant you can enjoy in this season.

We had a super fun time!!


白味噌教室は、日本に詳しい方に特にオススメ。お料理を作るだけでなく、自分で作ったお味噌を持ち帰り育てる楽しみがあります。今日のゲストさんは日本にとても詳しく、mayumi's kitchen tokyoにも何度も来ているリピーターさんなので、ぜひ味噌づくり体験を楽しんで欲しいと思っていました。お味噌教室が実現して、実際に参加して喜んでもらえて本当に嬉しいです。