Season for bonito fish has come! 鰹のシーズン到来です!

Today's theme was to enjoy homemade seasonings & taste seasonal ingredients that are hard to find overseas. We made dashi (Japanese soup stock), kaeshi (Japanese seasoning), and homemade ponzu (Japanese sauce made with citrus juice). Having basic seasonings on hand makes it easy to use them and enjoy them in a delicious and convenient way👍. Fresh bonito was chosen as the seasonal ingredient today!! I got a piece each of the dorsal and ventral side (chunks) and carefully seared them to make tataki. We introduced the key points of the searing process as well as recommended cooking tools. The guests enjoyed combination of thickly sliced bonito tataki and homemade ponzu (citrus juice) , which made me very happy 💕 We also enjoyed several other menu items that made the most of the dashi and kaeshi 🌟.