Home-style cooking class! (家庭料理の教室を開催しました!)

Today's theme was "Make everyday dishes luxurious with a little ingenuity".

We tried a richly seasoned beef bowl topped with a handmade onsen tamago (hot spring egg), and boiled vegetables and mushrooms in a luxurious broth made from kombu (kelp) and dried bonito flakes. The miso soup is made with red miso broth with a delicious secret ingredient.
Our guests loved the beef bowl and enjoyed another helping, whih is always a great pleasure for me as a class instructor☺.
At mayumi's kitchen tokyo, we try to create a menu that suits our guests' tastes and the equipment they have. We are offering a private class, so you can enjoy cooking alone, with your family and/ or friends. Please contact us anytime if you feel interested.

mayumi's kitchen tokyoでは、ゲストの方のお好みやお持ちの器材等に合わせたメニュー作りを心掛けています。プレイベートレッスンですので、お一人でも家族や友人と一緒でも楽しく過ごせるかなと思っています。気になっている方は是非、ご連絡ください🌟