Pressed sushi class!! (押し寿司の料理教室を開催しました!)

We welcomed four guests and held a cooking class to enjoy pressed sushi, rolled sushi and red miso soup.


We started with an explanation of dashi. We actually made dashi with kombu (kelp) and dried bonito flakes. Then, enjoyed tasting the freshly made dashi.


After that, we cooked sushi rice together and made rolled sushi with the first grade delicious fatty tuna💕.


Pressed sushi was made with 5 varieties of toppings. We prepared selected ingredients as well, namely, cured sea bream, boiled shrimp, marinated fatty tuna, smoked salmon and grilled conger eel.  Each plate was arranged/ decorated in its own unique way and was like a piece of art work as you can see in the above pictures!!  They turned out to be so beautiful and of course they tasted sooooo good 👍👍👍  We are very happy to hear our guests all enjoyed the food a lot!  


Our guests love delicious food and are very knowledgeable about cuisines from all over the world. They are all active in their respective fields of expertise, and their stories are very interesting and wonderful. I would have liked to hear more, but time flew by. We ended the tour with a quick visit to a supermarket, where I explained about Japanese foodstuffs, and we parted ways.


Thanks to our wonderful guests, we were able to have a precious time. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you again♪