Everyday cooking class/毎日のお料理を楽しむ教室を開催しました!

Everyday cooking class @ mayumi's kitchen tokyo.


A wonderful family from the U.S. came to our cooking class!!  

Today's menu consisted of teriyaki salmon, green beans with sesame sauce, Kansai-style fluffy rolled omelet, Japanese ginger soaked in sweet vinegar, miso soup, rice, followed by sweet popato jelly and green tea.

The class started from the explanation on Japanese seasonings and soup stock, dashi.  When tasting the dashi, the guests were amazed at the original taste of the golden dashi without any seasonings.  The Kansai-style omelet was so juicy and fluffy, as we used the dashi to its limit.  Our teriyaki recipe did not include suger but showed how to make it super delicious  (and of course without artificial sweeteners either).  The class was filled with many little techniques and the guest just loved them👍 After the class, we moved to a supermarket nearby to look around and buy some souvenirs. 

We were so happy to hear that our guest found all the dishes delicious and tasty!  Thanks to them, we had such a great time talking about cooking, work and career, Japanese and U.S. cultural difference, etc. 

Not sure why but somehow we are always blessed with such wonderful guests coming to our classes ... no exceptions💕  Thank you all!!!

If you are interested in our cooking class, please feel free to contact us from here.


Note: Photos are posted with the permission of the guests.